Food Styling & Catering

Food has truly become the focus of every event.
It’s the one aspect which leaves a lasting memory.

Our Event Catering Division – Olive & Caper is
renowned for their exquisite food for all occasions.
We believe that ‘people eat with their eyes’ and
therefore, we place as much emphasis on #FoodStyling
as we do on the #TantalizingFlavours.

Our Chefs will create an offering to match your event which will match your budget and exude sophisticated taste
and class. Whether you’re hosting a simple
soiree, a cocktail party or an extravagant
wedding, our food will compliment your
event to ensure everything flows elegantly and to perfection.

Floating canapés/cocktail dining

Trendy and practical style of food service. It lends itself to a more intimate food experience as your ‘bite sized’ and mini meals are served to you. This is especially great when you have many high profile clients and don’t want them queuing at a buffet station.

These type of foods are served is great for cocktail parties or informal events as it allows guests to mingle with each other and enjoy a variety of smaller dishes. Typically served in small Chinese bowls, trendy disposable packaging like bamboo boats, pad Thai boxes, etc.

Contact us now and let us bring the #TrendyAndStylishFood experience to your next Event


Need quick snack yet variety then our platters will meet that need. These are a variety of snack items which allows the versatility and choice for guests. Ideal for meetings, product launches, Friday socials, etc.

Our range of platters are highly desirable and can be made on disposable trays or for more executive experience they can be served on trendy slate tiles, white platters or even wooden boards.

Contact us now and let us add a whole lot of #FoodVariety to your next Office Meeting

Fine dining plated

Every Caterers dream job. An opportunity for our Chefs to create a unique dish for your guests. Every detail is taken care of and the meal is painstakingly crafted for you.

This type of catering is ideal for banquets, weddings and gala dinners. Its speaks of sophistication, class and attentiveness of the host. Guests are treated to 3 to 5 courses where they are taken on a food journey. Phenomenal flavours, Exquisite presentation and Butler Styled Service to the table, will have your guests highly impressed.

Contact us or a free consult and let us create a #MagicalDiningAdventure’ for your guests.

Corporate daily lunch meals

The need for a canteen and all the fuss and mess is over. We offer Corporates a delicious & healthy daily corporate lunch meals solution which is delivered directly to your office.

Freshly made salads, pastries, sandwiches, soft beverage and some sweets, to the heartier foods. Staff have a choice between 2/3 meals per day and the menu is different every day, week and month. We adapt our food offerings to the seasons so you are always in the ‘Mood’ to indulge…

We can pack the Meals individually or serve from a set up buffet style, and when we are done we clean up so well that you would not even know that we were there.

Here’s the best part, you pay absolutely nothing so there is no added expense for the company.

Contact us now and let us look after your #CorporateCatering needs.

High Tea’s

As listed on Google
A possible explanation why this type of meal was called high tea is the fact that it was eaten at a table. In comparison, Afternoon Tea was taken whilst seating in low, comfortable chairs or sofas. Of course, soon after, the upper classes developed their own variation and also called it ‘high tea’.

Well Let’s All Get Royal Then…

Our selection of Sweet and Savoury Treats will meet all ‘Royalties’ discerning palates.

Contact us now and let’s make this a #RoyalHighTea’ affair.

Braai’s & Spit braai’s

As listed on Google
A spit braai is a term derived from South African slang – its a method of cooking meat on a lamb spit rotisserie machine. The meat is slow cooked and constantly basted with flavours until is it perfectly cooked and ready to eat.

Well even Google knows that we own this. Perfectly grill/roasted meat as per your preference and served the traditionally of the spit/braai stand or in chaffing dishes

Ideal for office an Office Party, an Outdoor Type Event or even a Corporate Get Together.

Contact us now and let’s keep your #SouthAfricanBraai Vibe ALIVE

Picnic baskets

So your company has done it all, Fine Dining, Buffets, Floating Menus, Spit Braais, and so on…
Well that’s what you thought. Change it up with an awesome and memorable picnic themed event and Basket Styled Catering to match. Whatever the Event is – Sport Matches, Romantic Sunset Dates, Corporate Events, there is a Picnic Basket packed with delicious prepacked foods waiting for your indulgence. Menus incudes: Breakfasts, Lunches, Dinners, Kids, Greek, Mezze’, Moroccan Styled, High Tea Style, Authentic SA, etc.

Contact us now dust out that blanket and let’s make it a #PicnicLunch this time around

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